How I celebrate my Raya 2010 di Doha, Qatar.

Maaf ye , dah lama x update bloggggg! busy busy keja keja!!! ahahah Better late than never!
SELAMAT HARI RAYA, MAAF ZAHIR!!! BATIN SEMUA! XXo Best kan dapat beraya dengan keluarga, siblings, cousins...but saya di sini walaupon merindui semua nya, kena la  strong skit coz i never ever x celebrate Raya with my FAMILY! but it's allright, InsyaAllah umur panjang akan ketemuan.

Ni la muka sememeh di pagi raya!!! took sometimes fr me to digest everything, masak rendang, nasi impit, kuah kacang dan lodeh sampai kul 6:30a.m; x sempat ke embassy, banyak tidur utk hari pertama sampai rasa benaq semcm ahahhaha

otw nak main ATV & Bungee CAR! the shit.

Pilih2 apa lagi!!!! jgn tunggu lama2 nanti laMa2 x ada ATV Lagiiiiiii....

busy mengusha nampak nye abg2 ni ahahha

amik gamba sejibik dua dulu bro, test dok mana comfy lu...bARU Leh terbang baek!!

haihhh paparazzin sungguh :))))

Dahhhh startttt dahhhh diaaaa dahhh startttt

Tengah syok syok...sangkot bro...nasib bro ni tlg, pe lagi bro pat ahh skittt eden x sabor laie niiih

haaaaaa kannnn tertera senyuman mu si gadis buat hal...

over betui gamba ni menunjukkan kegembiraan ber ATV di middle east nye pasiaq.

Dah malammmmmmmmm reti2 laaaa pulannnngggg!!!!! ;P Best giler worth my time ! even tho beraya di perantauan. 5 ***** Happy EidulFtr again. Assalammualaikum.


Creme' Caramel & Cheese Prawn

Di suatu hari yg rajin, sy pon memasak bahahhaha~

I made 4 of Creme' Caramel & still coooking the last one ni...b4 tnight partay =)

presenting the yummmy'ness cheese prawn EVER!!!!



A Lil Bit Here & There

Just got home frm Villaggio - shopping, ive been shopping fr 5 days in a row, too much wasting but when cn i save ye? i have no freaking idea, the plan was diff but it turned out...bleh, but yeah watever, it's hard to not shop over here since there r no fun activities to do except for SHOPPING, I DONT WANNA BECOME SHOPAHOLIC or SHOPPAHOLIC bleh ...too much drama everywhere like serious cock! so much.. the only thing that will make me smile real BIG =D or lilbit :) is SHOPPING, so let's shop. i have no intention looking fr any guys or a BF over here because hmmm.....ttuuuuuuuuttt (no comment) so just SHOP FOR GODSAKE!

Oh my pimplesss r growing happily on my face i guess..PFFTT arghh i Hate it! im gonna make sure I KILL ALL OF EM'! ehehehe! girls girls all type of girlss; ya knw i dont care if people wanna copycat or w/e but just watch the word/statement that come out frm yr effin mouth, think b4 u talk, hv a delightful sense of humor buuuutttttt....buttttt since y'all r so effin embecile i hope u could learn to hv alil 10% of humor in yr life, omigosh muka cantek, wajah hensem ,...if mulut longkang ..semua pon longkang tau.

I may be quiet but when it does reach certain LEVEL then u will see what happen with all the silence all these while, hmmm but yeah im REAL cool when u r COOL enough.

Am thinking of getting a guitar prolly an acoustic or stratocaster, still on the List, since its boring here so let's menggoreng. hmmm what else...i NEED TO JOG real more!! at first dh semangat gaban but nowwww mcm dh malas, ya knw y??? because of the effin weather!!! can reach till 52 darjah celcius bai, hampeh leh terbakar sini aha and moreeeee is theee wind! kuat giler, biler jog mcm leh terbang LMAO and the qatari & arab people tngk org mcm nk mkn! gatai nauuuu! siap ikot2 org dgn keta, pusing2 banyak kali, SUMPAH BUAT HAL! mcm nk kena penampar gaban.

p/s: everything here are effin EXPENSIVE except for the GAS & CAR

i'll UPDATE MORE when am not being A LAZY BUM BUM , aha <3


Doha, Qatar

Allright some people got angry of me because ive written nothing than just uploaded pics LMAO sowwy ahahha im too lazy to membebel & i seriously hv no ideaaaaaa what to write u see...aight i'd do my best, godamn.

me with lil Sara

the first day arrived to Doha, went to Souq Al Wakif straight away; nice building just to remain like oldies building mcm gitu la, lotsa arab, qatari lepak , chill here at night, tmpt ni hidup malam la, they love to shisha aka hooka and makan ahhh kan !!

both of the pics , (1)what else kan kan kan ahahha , (2) closer shot of the botol2 shisha la

ni kat The Pearl, very awesome view seriously mcm romantic gitu but the problem is the weather is effin hot, prolly time winter pergi can feel like the romantika part, i cant stand too much heat ahh & tmpt ni biasa utk pak2 qatari & arab yg kaya cipan.

both; layan kat Souq masa World Cup; game South Africa vs errr can't remember BOO~!

with Merlin, a pretty filipino girl after our dins at the philippines restaurant and a session of karaoke, weehoo!
the pic taken at the coffee beanery, design more to retro old skool shite 

 Villaggio, one of the famous mall, the design of the mall by a guy frm italy, inside the mall they hv a fake sky, the front part is the ice skating arena

Souq again, look at the building and the cleanliness!

the building are real diffnt wei, at night very the pretty with the lights

u may knw the cost of the building are more than hundred millions when u look at it, the material & the design itself

more and more

hard to see sampah ahahha

one of the Malaysian restaurant @ Souq, nt bad nt bad ade connection dpt la tmpt kan...agak power, the owner is ex former stewardess tu bai! *Sri Kebaya*

more lightssss

haaaaa yg ni inside Villaggio, u can rent the boat & feel like yre in Italy so that they can bring u around the mall kalau dh pemalas nk mampuih nk jalan, thx ahahha


Happy 24th Birthday Captain!

Wishing you All The Best , only 2 mnths more aight...and hope u succeed in everything you do. Be happy always! =D semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki, InsyaAllah <3


A Gift from Zetty Abdillah

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE =DDDDDDDDDD THANKS ALOT ZETTY!!! i got it in the morning , 5min to 12pm I guess. I can hear the courier nye van PONNNN PONNNN PONNNNNNNNN!!!HOONKKKKKKK!! uwaih hon skit2 sudey, x ler pokak bonar eden ni haaa...ahahha ;P dgn bangganye tak mandi kuar g amik parcel tersebut ;) u wrapped it real nice zet, I love the card, mean alot to me ;;) u make me smile Zet!!!!! like thisss =======> =~D

The pose are only for you ZETTY!!! AHAHAHA semangat nk snap pics masa lum mandi kekeke~

P/S: I'm bringing along the ELMO shirt with me to DOHA!!~muah



Aight, 2 Nights ago, my beloved friend Daya dh booked me awal2, ajak karok kt redbox, Low yat, siap kasi warning
''Faz u better come,coz it's for you, NO EXCUSE'' i was like OTAYYYYY!!! ahaha lama pun x berkarok so am cool with it.

So ni la ada beberapa keping gamba yang buleh di usha, layan jugak la cz all of my friends can really sing <3<3<3 going to miss them real bad, friends are forever, hope we do cherish all the time we hv together always ;)

ewahhh Mo isap rkk banyak otay!aaha

Shah sabar la tunggu turn kekeke~

The couple <3

see me singing my all heart out?? aha sementara mereka berposing..

uttt ohhhh ;)) rawr

SHHHHHHHH peeooplee!


Famie muka agak ketat rock kapak ihi ;P

yessa akhirnya nampak gak waktu sing kwang3 ;;)

P/S: THANKs alot Daya fr making it happen, and to Dee, Ruz, Famie, Mo, and Shah thanks so much too <3